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Arabize My Song!

Project Idea.

Growing up in a place full of culture and traditions, I find myself constantly feeling homesick now that I’ve left it all behind. So, as a compensation, I thought I’d put in a tiny piece of my culture into this project.

Working on this project made me realize that we have some very uncommon and unique musical instruments that are mainly being used in Arabic songs. Since these instruments aren’t known by many, I’ve decided to use them to spice up your favorite songs.

You don’t have to be experienced in making music at all! The idea of this experience is to have fun and get introduced to some hidden musical gems!

Play your favorite song, and hit the ‘Start 💪’  button at the same time!

There are sliders that will help you DJ and adjust both the tempo and volume of each beat. 

Can’t find your favorite song? No problem, Add it here!

outline of a male face wearing a red hat, also known as tarbush, and a mustache

Start Arabizing!

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